Sustainability Ethos

Sustainability sits at the very heart of our business, ensuring our approach to our business and the communities in which we operate, are mutually beneficial for each other from a social, economic, and environmental perspective.


Shinagh Estates Dairy Farm


We believe that integrating sustainability into our core business strategy is the best way to drive it across the Group, as it is simply part of how we do business. For Carbery, sustainability is about trying to do the right thing for all our stakeholders, all of the time. It is our vision to create a better future for our farmer shareholders and those who are affected directly and indirectly by our business including our colleagues, suppliers, customers, communities and consumers.

A future where as a business, we continue to minimise the impact we have on the environment by constantly challenging, innovating and taking a leadership role in new initiatives that have the potential to benefit and improve the environmental foot print of the dairy industry; where our contribution to the food industry ensures that everyone enjoys the benefits of living well through responsible consumption and easy access to good nutrition and where our people, customers, farmers and all of the communities we interact with thrive and prosper.

We believe by taking this responsible approach and operating in a transparent manner, we will deliver on these core commitments and be a force for good; creating value for Carbery, our people our partners and our communities.




Our six strategic sustainability priorities

In line with our ethos and commitment to constantly striving to improve the environmental footprint we create and the contribution we make to the world as a business, we focus our energies on six key Corporate Responsibility (CR) pillars:


Sustainability Pillars


Sustainability Awards


Origin Green Membership    

Carbery is a member of Origin Green, Ireland’s food and drink sustainability programme. Launched in 2012, the voluntary programme brings together Ireland’s food industry through the Irish food board, Bord Bia. Our shared vision is to help Ireland produce more food from fewer resources.

As a condition of membership, we have adopted a sustainability charter for our Ballineen site covering our manufacturing, raw material sourcing and social sustainability activities. The charter is aligned with our Group-wide sustainability objectives and sets out targets and goals in the areas of: environment; health and nutrition; and community support. We report our progress to Bord Bia annually.


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