Sustaining dairy goodness for generations to come

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Our milk suppliers pass on their passion for natural, sustainable dairy farming from one generation to the next.

Sustaining a healthy, family business has always been at the heart of Irish dairy farming. We have a unique agri-environment built on natural, pasture-based dairy farming with family at its heart. Because Carbery is a dairy processor that’s owned by its milk suppliers, our commitment to supporting the traditions of quality in Irish dairy farming is part of who we are. In 2012, we launched our Greener Dairy Farms™ initiative – where we work with select farms to better understand resource optimisation so we can share best practice across our entire farming community.

By preserving what makes us unique today, investing in what we can do better and nurturing our future generations of dairy farmers – we can help our customers and consumers continue to enjoy the benefits of high quality dairy products.

Grass roots sustainability

Ireland’s unique climate provides dairy farmers with an advantageous environment for sustainable farming. Up to 80% of land is used to grow grass so that cows can graze naturally outdoors for up to 10 months of the year and since Ireland has the longest grass growing season in the world, cows still enjoy a grass-fed diet (silage) for the reminder of the year.

Naturally efficient milk production

Irish cows traditionally calve in spring. This means our natural peak in milk production coincides with the natural peak in grass growth. With a plentiful supply of rain throughout the year, we have a natural irrigation system to keep our grass healthy, green and lush. Together this creates the perfect environment for sustainable dairy farming making Ireland the most carbon efficient milk producer in the EU with the lowest water stress index in the world.


Ireland’s first for best practice

Greener Dairy Farms™ is Carbery’s innovative, dairy efficiency programme designed to measure, monitor and optimise resource allocation and best practice on farm. We focus on carbon emissions, water and soil nutrient management. Valuable learnings are disseminated through our farm walks, workshops with vets and milk quality advisors and discussion groups. Our sustainability research is undertaken in collaboration with Teagasc, the national agricultural authority supporting science-based innovation in the agri-food sector.


Proof of Quality Provenance

Carbery recognise and foster excellence in our dairy farming community through our annual Supplier Milk Quality Awards. Our milk pool is also supported by Bord Bia’s Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS), a national, independently accredited, sustainability and quality assurance scheme. On-farm dairy audits support our priorities in areas such as traceability, environment, biodiversity, animal health and welfare. Download the Assurance Standard here.


Excellence beyond the farm gate

With Ireland’s milk production set to grow 20% by 2017, Carbery is continuing to unlock the value of sustainable dairy production in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. As a verified member of Bord Bia’s Origin Green charter, Carbery are continuously addressing areas such as water usage, waste management, energy efficiency, supply chain integrity and social sustainability.


New technologies to support growth

Global population growth and changing nutritional priorities are driving demand for high protein-dairy foods. As an early adopter of technology, we are investing in state-of-the-art processing infrastructure and research partnerships such as the Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC). Our technology drive aims to secure product innovation through efficient and sustainable processes, enabling us to deliver trusted dairy products and nutritional ingredients demanded by global markets.


Nurturing the value of milk

Carbery is a founding industry partner in a unique research consortium, Food for Health Ireland, where we collaborate to understand the nutritional needs of tomorrow’s dairy consuming population and how best to extract the highest nutritional value from the milk we sustainably produce. To date, over 24 clinical studies have been performed on functional dairy compounds to demonstrate efficacy, providing unique scientific results that help us develop solutions to global health concerns.

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