Protein performance for life

We produce whey-based nutritional ingredients to the highest quality for a wide range of market applications and life stages.

Infant nutrition

Protein is essential for the healthy growth and development of infants. Our breakthrough research, owned milk supply chain and state-of-the-art processing mean we offer the highest quality whey protein and customised ingredients for specialised infant formulae.
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Performance nutrition

Whey protein is the superior protein of choice for athletes. If your customers are looking for the perfect balance of exceptional taste and outstanding performance, our nutritional and sensory science expertise can help you create products with strong consumer appeal.
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Weight Management

Weight management

Effective weight management programmes rely on a sustainable approach to diet. We are developing innovative solutions based on dairy proteins that are clinically proven to impact glycemic management, insulin sensitivity and body composition.
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Active aging

The progressive loss of muscle mass and muscle strength is associated with aging. We develop specialised protein ingredients and nutritional solutions suitable for products enjoyed every day by older consumers who wish to stay more active.
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