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Whole of Life™ is our whey protein innovation platform for specific life-stages.

We focus on developing health benefit platforms for life-stages where we believe better nutrition has the power to transform health and quality of life: such as muscle performance, lean body mass, metabolism, inflammation, immunity and tolerance.

Working with national research partnership, Food for Health Ireland (FHI), we’re currently conducting a number of clinical trials to demonstrate proven outcomes from our nutrition innovations. With over 90 scientists working across multiple disciplines, FHI brings huge breadth of scope and expertise to our research. We can share deep insights into the next generation nutritional ingredients that target relevant consumer health trends to improve quality of life.


Maternal and Infant Nutrition

Protein is essential for the healthy growth and development of infants. We are mining milk to identify and characterize the relevant bioactive protein fractions and compositions (protein, carbohydrate & fat) that could enhance the role of maternal nutrition and the first 1,000 days of an infant’s life. Our research focuses on nutrient absorption, gut microbiology, immune protection, inflammatory disorders and milk allergies. Read more and download publications from FHI >


Weight Management

Protein is an important nutrient for a healthy lifestyle. Beyond the traditional role of growth and repair, dairy proteins can play a strategic role influencing metabolic health. Our prior research has demonstrated the efficacy of whey-derived peptides in optimising glycaemic response, a relevant dietary strategy in weight management. We believe there is further potential to develop effective peptide-based nutritional solutions to address diseases such as metabolic syndrome, impaired glucose tolerance, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Read more and download publications from FHI >


Performance Nutrition

Whey protein’s physiological properties extend far beyond its ability to build muscle. Carbery is proudly connected with the applied sports performance research at University of Limerick, Ireland’s world-class sports campus, through FHI (Food for Health Ireland). Together with an expert group of exercise and sports scientists, we are developing new research tools and evaluating the potency of dairy peptides and their influence on muscle growth, recovery, immunity and function in elite athletes. Read more and download publications from FHI >


Active & Healthy Aging

30% of over 60 year olds are affected by age-related loss in skeletal muscle (sarcopenia). A healthy diet and lifestyle, incorporating high quality protein and regular physical activity can help maintain muscle health. Informed by our expertise and experience in performance nutrition, we are developing new dairy ingredients containing bioactive peptides that can improve muscle health in seniors. This work is complimented by research into dairy protein ingredients that can enhance appetite modulation via hormones such as ghrelin and leptin. Read more and download publications from FHI >

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