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We produce a range of quality cheeses for both national and international markets, perfecting recipes across a variety of products and formats.

Mild A delicious creamy taste and smooth texture, perfect for all the family. Mild is typically matured for 3-6 months and is available in red and white varieties.
Medium A well rounded flavour with a smooth, creamy taste and texture. Medium is left to mature for 4-8 months and is available in red and white varieties.
Mature A richer flavour with a distinctive smooth creamy taste and firm body. Carbery Mature is typically aged for 12 months.
Extra mature A characteristically stronger flavour with either of 2 flavour profiles. A traditional savoury tangy rounded profile or with sweet nutty caramel notes. These unique flavour develop over 18 months.
Vintage Carefully matured to give a rich intense distinctive flavour best described as sweet tangy caramelly and nutty or the more traditional variety a full bodied tangy and rounded flavour. With crunchy calcium crystals, Vintage has a crumbly texture and creamy melt in the mouth. Vintage Cheese can be aged anything from 18 months to 36 months.
Light With 30% or 50% less fat and made from semi skimmed milk, cultures and salt, these light recipies have been perfected over the years to ensure there is no sacrifice in taste and quality, simply an enjoyable eating experience for the health conscious consumer. Mature Light also has more protein and calcium than the standard cheddar, making it an excellent source of protein and calcium and very low lactose and sugar content.
Fresh Cheddar Curd Fresh young cheddar curd for use in processed cheese or pasta filata style cheeses .
Italian Style Cheese An Italian style cheese with a flavour similar to a Parmesan. For use in grated blends, ready-meals and foodservice applications.

Interested in the Carbery approach?


Interested in the Carbery approach?

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