Innovation: our vital ingredient

Carbery Cheese Innovation

Our commitment to research and innovation is vital to the success of our dairy and cheese processing business. We continuously optimise the multiple steps in our cheese making process – from NPD to raw milk production to the final pallet of cheese.

Our pioneering approach ensures the most efficient production methods and up-to date starter, enzyme and process technologies are continually sought after and employed across all our processes.


Focused on cheese flavour and functionality

We are 100% focused on the continuous improvement and expansion of our mature cheese flavour offerings and the development of best-tasting, creamier reduced and lowfat cheese.

We listen to our customers’ requests and use our extensive knowledge and expertise to develop a distinctive range of quality cheese products with a variety of flavours and functionality, including:

  • Block , grated , sliced , diced format,
  • Smooth, crumbly or crystalised texture,
  • Sweet , traditional or Italian style cheese flavours ,
  • Reduced and Lowfat (33-90% less fat). Tasty, smooth textured, high protein cheeses with extra calcium.
  • Flavoured speciality cheese types
  • Specialised curd cheese recipes for processed or pasta filata style products

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Working in partnership to drive innovation

We strive to create the best in cheddar cheese. To ensure our success through innovation, we invest in partnerships that drive technology breakthroughs and insightful discoveries.

As a strategic partner of the research consortiums, Food for Health Ireland (FHI) and the Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC) we have a unique capability in process and product innovation. With over 100 scientists working across 7 public research organisations in our consortiums, we are strongly positioned to understand more about the dietary impact of cheese consumption, to demonstrate the health benefits of cheese in the diet and to create specific cheeses with health enhancing properties.

Starter cultures, particularly proprietary cultures which determine taste and texture of our cheeses, remain of significant scientific and technological interest. Working closely with talented dairy scientists and food microbiologists, we learn more about fermentation so that we continue to perfect our craft of award-winning cheesemaking.

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